Social Studies / History Department

Amity's Social Studies program (grades 9 - 12) is a comprehensive organization of specially designed courses which deal with the past and present role of men and women in society. Courses deal primarily with people and ideas in the western world but include critical issues, Russian history, and special units within the U.S. History II course. Courses such as Sociology, Psychology and Modern American Issues offer opportunities to study people and their relationships in contemporary society.

The program is structured with a major goal in mind: to encourage students to be literate, informed, conscientious and ethical citizens who are capable of functioning at an intellectual level consistent with their abilities. Required courses in grades 9 through 12 are taught at a variety of ability levels, and elective courses are designed to meet varied interests and to challenge motivation and abilities of students. Several courses also have been designed to meet the unique requirements of students with special learning needs.

All courses draw their content from a wide variety of social science disciplines. These important concepts are required for the successful study and understanding of the role of human beings in the world and are learned and reinforced through the mastery of designated basic skills which are the foundation for adult competence in an ever-changing world. These skills and concepts are introduced and assessed through diverse methods, which encourage students to be directly involved in comprehension, decision-making, and writing skills reflected in the CAPT Interdisciplinary Assessment. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of such skills through the successful completion and conformance with the departments basic standards of scholarship.

In addition to coursework required by the Social Studies curriculum, information required by Connecticut statutes will be included in the program. Topics such as Connecticut history, state and local politics and the U.S. Constitution have been integrated into courses.